The Minimum Requirement for Franchisees


Service Standards

Excellent customer service standards are the beginning of a Learning For Life Montessori candidate’s profile. We want enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are driven to succeed! A high level of credibility, as well as a commitment to keeping the students as the first priority, are must-haves
for our candidates.

Passion For Education

The franchisee must have a love for children and a passion for education. You should be involved in your local community and should be able to leverage this in the business (local schools, school boards, local kids activities, charity groups, etc.), all of which is underscored by an exhibition of the Learning For Life Montessori culture. Maintaining the company’s culture and creating a family-friendly environment are important for the success of your franchise.

People Person

We want a “people person” who will bond with the students and their families, maintaining loyalty through authentic conversation, wonderful service, and passionate dedication. Being comfortable with face-to-face interaction and possessing strong sales abilities are important.

Time Management Skills

Great time and schedule management skills are a must-have for our franchisees. Learning For Life Montessori is a bustling, busy school which requires excellent oversight of the timing and scheduling of all moving parts. Franchisees must be able to recognize the appropriate qualities in
teachers, as well.